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Instrument Key

Compact Double clarinet case

Instrument Condition Key

    Instrument condition key. Reed and Squeak's guide to an instrument's general condition.

    Reed and Squeak take pride in supplying the finest instruments available. Our key system here is designed to give the buyer an honest indication of what they can expect from us.

    In the Website listing there will be a brief description of each instrument. Each instrument will have been checked over by our skilled repairer and any adjustments made. This may include oiling and polishing keys, checking the seal on the tenon corks, check pads and replace if necessary. It will then be professionally play tested and evaluated before the instrument is shipped. Any imperfections will be noted and passed on to the perspective buyer. The numbers system below gives an indication of the general level expected for each instrument.

    *Please note that unless otherwise stated no instrument listed comes complete with a mouthpiece included.

    5 - A top professional level instrument that plays without fault. Wood and polished key-work will be in exceptional condition. Sound and intonation will be as perfect as can be expected of any woodwind instrument. Pads should seal perfectly and key-work should feel tight under the fingers. Although a previously used instrument it should show very little wear without too many minor blemishes. There should be no cracks/splits or any other signs of stress put under the wood. The original barrel and case will be supplied in excellent condition.

    4 - A top quality instrument that plays to a very high level. All pads should seal well, key-work will be polished to a high standard. Wood may show signs of use but will certainly not have any cracks or splits. Intonation and sound will be suitable for any player whether student, intermediate or professional. May have slight blemishes on the wood, key-work or case. Original barrel and case will be supplied in excellent condition unless otherwise stated.

    3 - A quality instrument that generally functions well. Usually a good brand of instrument maker and an instrument that plays to a good standard. There may be visible signs of previous repairs and general wear and tear. There may also have been repairs undertaken to rectify any minor cracks. However, nothing that could adversely affect the playing quality of the instrument. Keys may be tarnished and worn but mostly original. The makers name may or may not be present but the country of origin will usually appear. The original case, barrel, crook or bell may not be present, but suitable alternatives will be supplied.

    2 - An instrument that generally functions but may need improving. It may show obvious visible signs of repair including cracks/splits, non-original key-work. Pads might not seal as well as they should. Barrel, bell, crook and case might not be original. This said, it should blow and play well considering its looks and condition.

    1 - Poor quality of instrument that may or may not play. Makers name may not appear, cracks/splits may be present, case may be broken or missing. Dubious repairs may have been undertaken including glueing or pinning. Keys, barrel, bell, mouthpiece or crook may be missing. Cork may be loose. Chips or chunks may be missing from the wood or plastic. It may be an obsolete or high pitched model.