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Commission Sales

Sell your clarinet or saxophone. Clarinets for sale UK

Commission Sales

Reed and squeak are pleased to offer an all inclusive commission sales service.

Reed and Squeak will take away all the hassle and bother associated with the sale of your instrument for a commission of only 12.5%.

We ask only for the following:

Contact us using the email address and let us know the following or complete the attached form.

  1. What type of instrument you would like to sell ? eg. flute/clarinet

  2. The make, model and serial number of your instrument.

  3. An honest assessment of condition, including good/bad/damage/repairs etc.

  4. Details of any accessories that are included in the sale -ie. case, mouthpieces etc.

  5. A realistic price you would expect to receive for your instrument.

  6. Send us some photos by email (optional)

Once Reed and Squeak have had a chance to consider the instrument you wish to sell we will be in touch by email to discuss details of your sale. If you agree with our CONDITIONS we can put the instrument for sale on our COMMISSION SALES page where an advert will appear with a detailed description and photographs. Potential customers will be able to purchase the instrument under the same conditions as the other instruments that appear on our website.

Terms and Conditions

Reed and Squeak LTD agree to undertake the sale of your instrument on a commission basis if you agree to the following.

  1. You are the legal owner of the instrument.

  2. You agree to get the instrument to us (in person, by post or shipped) to evaluate, photograph and agree a realistic sale price.

  3. Any issues/problems with the instrument will be made clear to Reed and Squeak before the instrument is shipped.

  4. You agree to give Reed and Squeak permission to offer your instrument for sale.

  5. 12.5% will be deducted from the final sale price as payment for the service that Reed and Squeak have provided.

  6. You agree to pay back any costs incurred by Reed and Squeak for postage, shipping or transporting your instrument in order to facilitate the sale of your instrument.

  7. If you decide to remove your instrument from sale within the first 3 months you will be charged 5% of the agreed sale price. (payment for the work that has already been carried out in order to sell your instrument). After 3 months there will be no charge for removing your instrument from sale.

  8. Your instrument will appear on the Reed and Squeak website for up to 3 months at the agreed sale price. Prospective buyers will have the chance to try the instrument for up to 7 days ( see conditions of approval ). Once a successful sale has been made and cleared funds received, payment will be made by bank transfer or cheque.

  9. All sales are final once payment has been received by Reed and Squeak LTD.

  10. Commission sales are not covered by the Reed and Squeak warranty.

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